Student Council

Student council is a committee of students in grades 4 through 8 who come together to help plan and carry out the fun activities that go on in our school throughout the year.  The more active and dedicated the student council members, the more activities we are able to successfully plan and follow through with during the year.  Last year events such as Halloween Dance, Tropical Day and our annula Lip Sync battle  were our big events with several other dress up theme daysthroughout the year.  It would be great to see even more of these types of things happening during this school year.  In order to make this a fantastic year at Aurora Middle School, the student council needs to be a strong group of students who are dedicated to attending all meetings and giving up some of their own time to brainstorm, plan and put together fun activities that everyone in the school can enjoy.   If you are a student who has great ideas, likes to have fun and can be committed to the process of planning and working events in our school, then please join student council so we can start planning to make this our most exciting school year yet!